One Reason Why You Should Start A First

Remember the time when you were first born?

Not really? Neither do I.

But I’m sure there have been a couple of firsts in your life: your first steps, first words, first day at nursery, first curse word (yes, I cursed pretty early) and many other firsts that trump all the seconds. That, except for second servings.

Starting something is a difficult thing to do. But why did I decide to finally do it?

1) It is liberating.

In these past few months, a lot of issues (not personal sob stories, mind you) have been running through my head and I had to put them somewhere. To be honest, I think no one in my social circle gets what’s in my head either. So, here you go.

Liberate yourself. Don’t keep it all in, because even if no one gets what you’re doing, hey, this is after all the age of the Internet. I’m sure someone in Nepal or Reykjavik will want to join you (cloud Wii-ing, anyone?).

On with the show.


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